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Hosting Services

We offer high security hosting services for critical applications. We have expertise in a number of platforms and industries. Each plan is customized for a particular client, so that you get the optimum performance.

We also undertake custom solution development for a range of industries.

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Document Storage

Our DOKU service is aimed at small and medium enterprises. We provide hosted document management and sharing services. Our primary focus is security and ease of use. With our service, you never have to worry about losing your critical business data.

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Through our in house brand we bring high quality handicrafts to Estonia and Europe. We are able to custom manufacture high quality products through our fair trade facilities in India

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The team at Titanium has 3 decades of experience in various fields – from Marketing and Technology to Design and Travel.

We also provide advisory services to companies that would like to make Estonia the gateway to the EU market. We have extensive contacts in the Indian Trade Industry and facilitate smooth cross border trade.